Queen Oceana is the head of the lovely creatures of "Kraut & Kollegen" (Herbs & Peers).
As the head of the kingdom, she is responsible for the quality and taste of all products. Through her almost infinite knowledge of spices and spice blends, she ensures that all products are of the best quality.
The residents of the "Kraut & Kollegen" kingdom are each responsible for a particular spice or spice mixture. Dorina Oroszi, for example, produces exquisite sweet paprika and fills it for you in shakers and stand-up pouches. 
Each member of the kingdom is a specialist in his or her own field and knows how to make the best spice. Together with the other kingdom residents and Queen Oceana, they are an invincible team.
"Kraut & Kollegen" celebrates diversity and is proud to have such a great variety among its residents. In addition to Dorina, who is from Hungary, Fernando from Brazil and Noah from France and Massimiliano from Italy are also proud residents of the happy kingdom.
Sayana from India is a brand new member of the crew. She pours her concentrated know-how into making the best curry spice blend you've ever tasted.
Not to forget Mattijs from the Netherlands. Since he has been in the kingdom, french fry production has been booming. Never before have "Kraut & Kollegen" eaten such delicious fries. Thanks to Mattijs!

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