Step into the enchanting world of holiday designs with Mister Fred as he brings the spirit of Christmas to life for Telekom MMS. With a second-year privilege of designing their Christmas products, Mister Fred’s creativity knows no bounds, adding a touch of magic to every element.

Designing Christmas Delight
For the second consecutive year, Mister Fred had the honor of crafting the Christmas product designs for Telekom MMS. This ongoing collaboration is a testament to the lasting impact of his work and the joy he brings to the festive season.
A Slice of Tradition
Mister Fred’s artistic touch graced the original Dresdner Christstollen with a captivating banderole design. Inspired by traditional Christmas motifs, his pattern-inspired illustration features charming Christmas tree decorations and stars, adding an extra layer of delight to this cherished holiday treat.
Capturing the Holy Night
The contrast of vibrant magentas against a deep black background creates a striking visual effect, illuminating the holy night and infusing the design with a sense of wonder and reverence.

A Festive Feast for the Eyes
In addition to the Christstollen banderole, Mister Fred’s creativity extended to a coordinating postcard design. This intricate attention to detail ensures a consistent and delightful experience across all Christmas elements.
Counting Down with Joy
Mister Fred’s innovation shines through in an online advent calendar designed exclusively for Telekom MMS employees. Each day, a digital door opened to reveal a delightful surprise, adding a touch of joy and anticipation to the holiday season.
Beyond the Presents
Mister Fred’s creative expertise extended to packaging designs for Christmas chocolates, ensuring that every aspect of the holiday experience is infused with his unique blend of charm and creativity.
Sparkling on Social Media
The magic of Telekom MMS’s Christmas celebrations extended to their online presence, with Mister Fred creating captivating social media headers across all channels. His designs invited audiences to join in the festive spirit and celebrate the joy of the season.
Animating the Festivities
To add an extra layer of dynamism, Mister Fred crafted enchanting Christmas GIF animations that radiate the warmth and excitement of the holidays.

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