This illustration is for all the inner critics out there and a sign for you to believe in yourself and follow what you love and what fills you with energy! 

Go and do it! Have fun, get started, try new things and stick with it if it doesn't work out. I know it sounds like a platitude: have fun with the process. Basically, it's always about the process. Do it. Don't work to achieve a prefect result, make thousands! 

Experiment! Iterate! Create!

I had a very loud inner critic for a very long time, but now we actually get along quite well - and I wish you the same. I have learned that my inner critic, whom I have named "Carola" by the way, does not express her criticism to harm me, but because she is also just as scared as me. 

Carola wanted to protect me by holding me back. She wanted to keep me safe by doing so. Actually a good intention, but in the end she prevented me from unfolding my potential. 
I decided not to listen to her so much anymore, but also not to ignore her. Rather to integrate her. 

I showed her that it is uncomfortable to try new things, but also that nothing bad happens if it doesn't work out. It makes you stronger, it leaves room for development, it creates room for improvement, growth and the process starts to be fun. 

Sure, there are days when things don't go well and where Caola says, "See, I told you this wouldn't work." And then I give her a look and say, "Thanks for the info, but I didn't ask for your opinion." 

Okay, fine, I'm not always that friendly with her. Occasionally I'll say, "Shut the hell up, Carola! I can't stand it anymore!"

Have you ever tried giving your inner critical voice a name and thus distancing it from you, outsourcing it, so to speak? What is the name of your inner critical voice? 

Have a nice day! 
If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint", then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. — Vincent Van Gogh

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