ADATA Technology X Mister Fred
For ADATA Technology's 21st birthday, Mister Fred had the privilege of designing a colorful and cheerful packaging that reflects ADATA's brand identity and lets it shine in all its glory. 
»We were honored to have collaborated with Mister Fred on our Anniversary Limited-Edition DRAM and SSD. We loved his pattern design and felt he was a great match for us. His intricate and colorful pattern was spot on in conveying the lively, energetic, and progressive spirit of our brand.«
– Joanne Kuo, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd.
»Can computer memory be cute? No, seriously. Can it be? While it is easy to say no to that question -- I would have said no just yesterday -- some new RAM from ADATA has turned my world upside down. You see, we now actually live in a world where cute memory exists. Seriously.
Today, ADATA launches some new DDR5 memory called ACE 6400, and while it looks like nice RAM from a specifications perspective, it is also a bit plain and boring aesthetically. The memory features a generic silver-colored heat spreader. What is truly exciting, however, is the Limited Edition variant of the RAM as it features a super-cute design. As you can see, its heat spreader is adorned with friggin' colorful flowers. Heck, even the packaging is cute!« Read the full article here
The product for which Mister Fred was allowed to create this cheerful packaging design is the ACE 6400 DDR5 Memory Limited Edition and the LEGEND 850 Limited Edition. The edition is limited to 500 pieces and therefore very special! 
Mister Fred has created a Surface Pattern design that focuses on the colorful hummingbird, which is the main feature of ADATA's brand, and shows it in different situations, like drinking delicious flower nectar. 
About ADATA: 
ADATA was founded in 2001 and is based in Taiwan. The product portfolio includes memory modules, ExpressCards, digital photo frames and flash memory products such as SD cards and SSDs. The company has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since October 2004. They are the third largest memory manufacturer in the world fourth largest manufacturer of flash memory products. Since 2008, components specifically for computer gamers have been marketed under the XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear) brand.

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