Hey, I’m Fred!
I grew up in the pied piper town of Hameln and thanks to my mother I have always been able to let off steam creatively. But the older I got, the rarer I lived out my creative streak until I forgot it at some point.
I then began my professional career as an event manager in the Expo city of Hanover before moving to Berlin in 2010 to breathe agency air. I started at the bottom of the career ladder as
an intern and quickly climbed to project manager for events. I conceived and carried out events
for well-known national and international companies with everything that goes with them.
I worked in this industry for a total of six years, travelled the world, lived in hotels and thought of
all eventualities until I realized that this job didn‘t satisfy me.
The creative streak in my heart began to throb more and more and the urge to lead a creative life grew. So one day I made the decision to give up my secure and well-paid job to become a full-time creative. 
I applied for a communications design degree, passed the qualifying tests immediately and began the life I longed for so long.
Of course, I had to finance my studies and my life. So I found a job in a big German multimedia agency in corporate design, where I still work as a freelancer today. My area of work includes online graphics for the corporate site, the intranet and also for all social media channels. But also offline graphics like flyers, info cards, banners and invitations are planned and designed by me.
I have also worked for other agencies and clients in this area. Corporate manuals and brandbooks don‘t make me sweat.
During my studies I first focused on graphic design, logos and layouts. I got to know and love typography; wrote and designed my first book about it. In the course of time I have created
further books. These were a mixture of redesigns of existing works, freelance projects and commissions, ranging from classic to modern. From this phase comes a motto that I like to
live my life by: “
Be Bold or Italic. Never Regular.”
I took an illustration course with a nervous feeling. I thought I couldn‘t draw; I never got beyond
a satisfying level in school art classes. Fortunately, I learned that illustration has nothing to do
with drawing or portraying reality, but with creating its own world - and that my unique style is made for illustration. My creations range from abstract to more concrete, but I don‘t like it realistically. Many of my works show my fun with intense color palettes and textures; muted or restrained colors remain a rarity.
When I learned how to create patterns and that patterns are more than just dots or strokes,
a whole new world opened up for me. A patterned illustrated time began, the results of which
I shared on Instagram. I reached the illustrative peak in 2017 with my first solo exhibition. For
three weeks, the public could view and purchase my illustrations and patterns.
I broke new ground as I explored digital illustration and developed my style.
In all design disciplines I worked initially with black and white until I discovered the joy of color.
My passion for vibrant and cheerful color combinations can be seen in many of my works. But I
can also create impressive creations and projects with a limited palette or even without color. 
After several exciting years with lots of illustration, I discovered another design field for myself — branding. In branding, I combine my conceptual thinking, my love of detail and my feeling for trends with communication, graphic design and illustration. My bachelor thesis also focused on branding, with which I convinced both the cooperation company and the reviewing jury and graduated with an “excellent” degree.
In the most stressful time of my life, the final phase of my bachelor studies, I quit smoking and started to eat sugar-free and healthy. I love tennis and the Eurovision Song Contest. Watermelons are my favorite food and my hair is getting thinner. At some point I want to live in a penthouse
with a roof garden and I‘m looking forward to furnishing it; interior design is really great and so is
“I Dream of Jeannie”! 
​​​​​​​See you soon