Step into the world of Wholehearted Design as Mister Fred, also known as Fred Wolter, shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in a Masterclass hosted by the esteemed »Make it in Design«, a trailblazer in online design education.

In this transformative Masterclass, Mister Fred delves into the art of creating multifaceted designs that resonate with authenticity and integrity. Drawing upon years of experience as a seasoned surface pattern designer, illustrator, print designer, and art director, Mister Fred guides participants through his signature Mindful Design methodology, helping you infuse your projects with a unique and genuine touch.

Discover how to elevate your mindset and embrace a holistic approach to design that goes beyond aesthetics. Mister Fred uncovers the secrets to crafting designs that not only captivate the eye but also evoke emotion and connection. By blending creativity with heart, he empowers you to create designs that leave a lasting impact on your audience.
Elevate Your Design Journey with the Make it in Design Masterclass!
Unlock the secrets of Wholehearted Design and transform your creative practice. Join Mister Fred’s enriching Masterclass on »Make it in Design« and learn how to infuse your projects with authenticity, emotion, and connection. Elevate your design skills, enhance project management expertise, and embark on a journey of creative transformation.

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Through insightful lessons and real-world examples, Mister Fred shares his strategies for effective project management, ensuring that every endeavor is a seamless and rewarding experience. Learn how to approach client work with authenticity and empathy, fostering strong and lasting relationships that transcend the boundaries of design.
As a bonus, the Masterclass includes a free webinar where Mister Fred answers your burning questions, providing personalized insights and guidance to help you navigate your own creative journey.

Join Mister Fred on this enriching adventure into Wholehearted Design, and unlock the potential to create designs that are not only visually captivating but also deeply meaningful. Elevate your design practice, enhance your project management skills, and transform your creative mindset with this immersive Masterclass from Make it in Design.

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