T-Systems Multimedia Solutions X Mister Fred
This year I had the great fortune to design the Christmas card for T-Systems MMS. For this I was allowed to illustrate many Christmas motifs, which in the end grew together into a very cute pattern. Furthermore, I designed the layout and made it ready for printing.

The result is a fold-out Christmas card for clients and business partners. The card is bilingual and you can read it from the front and back. In one direction it is German, in the other English. And on the outside there is an illustrated snow globe.

The card is available in two language versions: English and German.
Besides the card itself, I also designed a pattern with Christmas motifs. We produced another insert with it, which is designed to add a personal message for the customer in addition to the printed message.
We also produced a postcard that can be used for Christmas messages within the company.
I was also asked to design a packaging for a Christmas stollen, as well as a landing page to which the recipients of the card are directed. 
My pattern is also used as header across all social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

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