It Won’t Be The Same. It Will Be Better.
A dilemma with change: we wish for change and have plans, but we don't start. We are so afraid of change. It's uncertain, it's scary. We don't know what's coming. The fear of failure. Huge. To give up something for something we don't know how it’ll be. And then maybe prefer to remain dissatisfied, because that's what we're familiar with. The current situation may not be as we imagine it, but it's expectable. 

I too resisted change so long. It takes so much effort, courage, patience, resilience. And it's so hard to change. I didn't want to overcome or question my fears. I knew my fears and knew how to avoid them. I was good at that. And also dissatisfied. That's just the way I am, I thought.
Facing your fears, trauma, beliefs. That's scary. I was ashamed. I was afraid of my own thoughts. I didn't want to know what I was thinking. I wanted my thoughts to stay fuzzy and formless in my head, I didn't want to articulate them or write them down, thereby I had to deal with them; they became real. 
A domino effect began. The more I saw, understood, dug deeper, the more was revealed. My fears turned into fascination. And I found myself.

I'm so glad to be here in this version that has shed so many layers and feels freer than ever - and at the same time knows that there are so many more layers to shed. It's a journey and I'm grateful for everything I've been able to learn, experience, observe, question, deconstruct, build and recreate.

And I am grateful for the people I met on this journey – personally or virtually.
Thank you! 

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