Mister Fred is a Surface Pattern Designer, Illustrator, Creative Consultant and Art Director from Germany.

He studied communication design and worked for many years in the field of branding and corporate design by helping many companies and brands to solve problems. His expertise lies in deconstructing complex ideas, problems and products into engaging designs that end-users can easily understand and engage with.

You may not see his face often but you will know his heart by crooked lines, bold colours and quirky expression for this universe we share.

Having witnessed the trauma and suffering of the world around us, Fred feels a sense of responsibility to aid in the healing that is greatly needed in order to offset the pain and grief we see everyday.

By reflecting the everyday mundane in vibrant and lighthearted strokes, Fred’s designs are soundboards for amplifying much-needed joy, light and positivity. This approach is what he terms, Mindful Design. A welcoming space to champion for greater empathy in our society.

As a designer, Fred believes that his artistry and palette are unique tools for creating the kind of good he so desires. Through illustrations and patterns, he wants to project to the world how beautiful our diversity and our individuality are.

In this way, Fred hopes his designs can become the agents of change towards a kinder and more accepting culture.

Surface Pattern Design
Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Editorial Design
Corporate Design
Print Design
Art Licensing
Alone Time
Eurovision Song Contest

Whole Food, Conscious Flexitarian Diet
Shein, T-Systems, Trendence Institut, Mr. Nam, Volkswagen, Mio Mio Mate, GREEN I GONZALEZ, 
TSI Consumer Goods, Laufer Neo, Robert Bosch GmbH, Deutscher Fachverlag, Philip Morris,
DZ BANK, Lundbeck, Monster.de, Zeppelin Rental, Berliner Bau- und Wohnungsgenossenschaft von 1892, Bausch & Lomb, EVG, Telecash, Pfizer Deutschland, Hettich Holding
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